Advertisement Information

Mechanical Details

Print Area: 54 cm X 8 columns
Width of Column: 4 cm
Printing Process: Offset Printing
Materials Required: Artpul/Positive/CD/Through email
Colour: Colour Positive with Progressive Proofs


Rate of Per Ear Panel: Rs. 1000/-
Tender, Notice, Appointment (per sq. cm): Rs. 125/-
Display Ads (per sq. cm): B/W - Rs. 300/-
Colour - Rs. 500/-
(Minimum Acceptable Size is 20 cm X 3 columns)
Situation Vacant, Wanted, Matrimonials, Lost, Sale etc.: Per Single column cm Rs. 120/-

Special Positions

(FRONT PAGE) Solus-Minimum Size 60 cm: 100% Extra
(FRONT PAGE) Semi Solus-Minimum Size 20 cm: 75% Extra
(INNER PAGE) Sports Page/Sunday/Supplement: 25% Extra